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Jul 4 2018 0

Pottawatomie, OK – Fatal Wreck on U.S. 177

One Fatality, One Severe Injury

Pottawatomie, OK (July 1, 2018) – On Saturday evening, a woman was driving on I-40 and merged onto U.S. 177 when her and a van collided. The two vehicles collided when the driver, Flora Stoner, 79, drove in front of the van. Stoner died on her way to the hospital. The driver of the van suffered from leg injuries.

Car Accidents

Unfortunately, car accidents are so frequent and unpredictable that it’s hard for anyone to be properly prepared for one. Car accidents are one those circumstances that has to be dealt with after the fact. Fortunately, there are laws that can help victims who get injured in car accidents to get rightful compensation for their damages. Damages come in all forms, such as vehicle damage, personal injury, mental and emotional distress, loss of wages, and medical expenses.

The most common cause for car accidents is negligent driving. Negligent driving can happen for a variety of reasons, such as using a cellphone, eating, talking to another passenger, being distracted by something outside of the car, or driving under the influence. No matter the reason, negligent driving frequently causes car accidents that negatively impact the lives involve.

At McGuire Law Firm, we understand the unpredictability and inconvenience of car accidents. We know how much accidents affect our clients and their loved ones, which is why we are committed to making sure our clients get the proper compensation they deserve. If you, or someone you know, has been involved in an accident, please call 405-513-5658.

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