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After Power Lines Struck a Cement Mixer, Driver Was Freed

Posted on March 17, 2018

Today, power lines struck a cement mixer after a truck accidentally drove into them when he came down an alley. In doing so, it trapped a cement mixer driver inside his vehicle when the power lines struck the top part of the mixer. The Oklahoma City Fire Department was luckily able to respond to the accident and cut off the power lines, freeing the driver. However, this is one accident that could have come with deadly results.

Electrocution Cases

power lines struck a cement mixerAfter the power lines struck a cement mixer and the driver was still inside, there could have been devastating results. For instance, an electric shock could have occurred, which is when the human body contacts an electric source and current passes through the person’s body. Some people who go through this type of injury will experience nerve damage, heart attacks, or sudden death from the power.

Electric companies have a duty of care to take care of electric lines outside of homes and businesses so that people never come in contact with these deadly lines, where accidents and fatalities happen every single year in the U.S. Though many of these accidents are work-related, the driver in this accident could have very easily been killed inside his vehicle by the negligence of the driver who struck the power lines in the first place.

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