Aug 27 2017 0

Randy Hicks Jr in critical condition after collision with semi truck in Blaine County

A two car accident in Geary, Oklahoma left Randy Hicks Jr. in serious condition.

Troopers were called to the scene around 2 a.m., for an accident about a mile outside of Geary in Blaine County. When emergency personnel arrived on the scene, Hicks was stabilized then transported to OU Medical Center. Hicks sustained a multitude of injuries but they are non-life threatening.

As stated in the report, Hicks was driving in his Ford SUV when he crossed the center line and crashed into a semi-truck operated by Orville Ames. As far as police can tell, Hicks Jr was repsonsible for the collision and his condition is being investigated. Ames was okay, but a little shaken after the accident but was overall normal.

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