Oct 22 2016 0

Rear-end crash causes multiple car accidents, 2 victims critical

When Oklahoma drivers are involved in fender-bender crashes, their actions afterwards can put their lives on the line. Such was the case when two drivers exchanged details after a collision in the early morning of a recent Thursday. Multiple car accidents followed, and both drivers landed in the hospital.

According to the Oklahoma City Police Dept., many questions will have to be answered before the accident investigation will be completed. A preliminary accident report indicates that a pickup truck driver stopped before making a left turn when another car rear-ended the truck. It is not known whether the vehicles were drivable, but both drivers — ages 47 and 19 — exited their vehicles to exchange information without moving the damaged vehicles.

While they were talking, another pickup truck smashed into the two vehicles, pushing them into the way of oncoming traffic. This resulted in another car being struck head-on. During all this commotion, other vehicles smashed into the two talking drivers who were still standing on the roadway. Reportedly, both men suffered critical injuries, and they were rushed to an area hospital.

Oklahoma authorities underscored the importance of exchanging information away from the traffic, and they also stated that drivers need to move drivable vehicles that were involved in car accidents off the roadway. These two injured victims will be entitled to pursue personal injury claims to recover damages, but determining their percentages of fault, and also that of the drivers that struck them, can be complicated. Their best courses of action may be to retain the services of an experienced personal injury attorney to assist with establishing negligence and navigate the claims for them.

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