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Road Rage Defendant Pleads Guilty

road rageA man from Fort Gibson, Oklahoma pled guilty last week to felony charges resulting from a 2016 road rage accident.  Aarick Caldwell, 46, entered pleas to two counts of felony assault and battery and one count of hit and run.  The crash occurred in May, 2016 near US Highway 62 in Muskogee County.

Police and prosecutors allege that Caldwell was traveling in a Maroon Dodge Ram around 6:30 pm on May 28, 2016.  At that time, a 1996 Nissan 300ZX driven by 18 year old Noah Wilson attempted to pass another vehicle on the highway.  Caldwell then began following closely behind Wilson before trying to pass him on the left hand side of the road.  He came into contact with Wilson’s vehicle, forcing it to spin out and crash into a guardrail.  Wilson and his passenger, Gracie Bottger, were injured in the collision.  Luckily, their injuries were minor and limited to some bumps, bruises and scratches.  Caldwell will appear in court for sentencing on July 11th.  He faces up to 22 years in prison at that time.

Road Rage Crashes

Thankfully, road rage crashes are rare.  However, when they do occur, they are frightening, dangerous and can even turn deadly.  The perpetrators of such cases rightfully face stiff criminal penalties, including fines, probation, loss of their driver’s license and jail time. The case of Aarick Caldwell is an example of the seriousness with which the criminal justice system treats road rage incidents.

What about the civil side?  Unfortunately, almost all insurance policies exclude road rage from their coverage areas.  Specifically, most policies exclude both criminal and intentional acts of their insured from coverage.

Therefore, if you find yourself involved in a road rage case or a crash which was intentional, you will have to look at other sources of recovery.  This includes your own insurance policy.  It may also include suing the other driver individually.  Of course, you should seek the assistance of an experienced attorney if you have been injured by the intentional acts of another driver.

The McGuire Law Firm stands ready to help if you have been injured.  Please call us today at 888-352-0624 for a free consultation.

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