Apr 18 2014 0

Rollover accident in Oklahoma City triggered by wrong-way driver

A bizarre car accident on Interstate 35 in Oklahoma City saw one car drive the wrong way down the highway, causing another vehicle to roll over as it tried to avoid the wrong-way driver. The negligent driver kept going after the wreck, though he was eventually caught by police.

The source article for this post doesn’t provide many details, but you can see the carnage as a result of the motor vehicle accident. There are a few pictures in the article that show the vehicle that rolled over. Rollover accidents are tremendously scary, and they can leave the victims of the wreck with serious injuries.

Since rollover accidents directly affect the roof of the vehicle, these types of wrecks threaten the head and neck area of any person in the vehicle. These injuries can forever change a person’s life, forcing them to go through years of therapy and rehabilitation. In the worst cases, the victims are left paralyzed or dead. Rollover accidents shouldn’t be taken lightly, and anyone who is injured in such a wreck should consider the possibility of a personal injury lawsuit against the driver who caused the wreck. Such a lawsuit could earn you much-needed compensation to help pay for your medical bills and pain and suffering.

The other element in this story is the obvious negligence on display by the wrong-way driver. Who knows what caused the driver to perform such a dangerous action, but it is inexcusable and he should be held responsible for the physical, mental and emotional trauma he may have caused the victims of this accident.

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