Fatal Semi-Truck Crash in Calera
Fatal Semi-Truck Crash in Calera
Sep 18 2017 0

Samaritans in Wagoner County stopped to help Clifton Cowart after his 18-wheeler flipped on Muskogee Turnpike

Residents in Wagoner County showed hope for humanity when they stopped to help the driver of a semi-truck after a rollover accident.

Emergency personnel was called to the scene of the crash by residents who saved the truck driver from the wreckage. The truck driver has been identified as Clifton Cowart and he was able to tell bystanders and reporters what happened. According to the initial police report, the crash took place on Muskogee Turnpike near Coweta when an 18-wheeler swerved to avoid a car. The swerve caused Cowart to lose control of the semi and leave the road. His truck then began to roll for an unknown time before coming to a rest.

Drivers that were passing saw the wreckage and the good nature of humankind took over. At least 4 total strangers stopped to rescue Cowart from being trapped in his vehicle which potentially saved his life. One of the strangers was an off-duty EMT and she took lead in stabilizing the man. All of the helpers took turns holding the Cowart’s neck until the ambulance arrived. Also, the woman who drove the car the caused Cowart to swerve came up to him and thanked him for sacrificing himself and avoiding the collision.

The Samaritans stabilizing Cowart were focused on keeping him awake and talking while they waiting for EMTs. The daughter of the off-duty EMT got Cowart to talk about how pretty his wife is and other things to keep his mind sharp. When authorities arrived, they transported Cowart to a local hospital, but not before he asked for the contact information for everyone who helped. Despite his injuries, he still wanted to give back to others.

Police are investigating the crash and as of now, they have questions that need answers. The initial report did not say the reason that caused Cowart to swerve. Also, the report doesn’t contain the statement the woman in the car gave to police. However, we know investigators will be checking into the road conditions and factors to determine if any other vehicles or obstacles are involved. As new information surfaces, we will provide updates on the story.

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Fatal Semi-Truck Crash in Calera