Sep 11 2017 0

Second hit-and-run accident in Owasso is no closer to being solved

Owasso police responded to a call about a hit-and-run on E.96 St.

Just a few days after a hit-and-run on the same street, police are yet again looking for a driving suspect. Like the last accident, residents are unwilling to come forward with information. Police are unsure if this is due to fear or people truly did not see what happened. Investigators do know that the crash took place on E. 96 St around 1:30 a.m. When authorities arrived one person sustained injuries and needed medical treatment.

By time authorities arrived at the scene, the driver was long gone and police have no leads to where. Police are gathering statements from nearby residents and hope they can point investigators in the right direction. The victim also gave their statement to police but as of now, no charges have been pressed. As Owasso Police provide updates we will share those details with you.

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