May 21 2014 0

Should Oklahoma outlaw texting while driving?

Everyone knows it’s dangerous. Driving while texting and other driving distractions were responsible for the deaths of 3,328 people in fatal motor vehicle accidents in 2012, based on estimates from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The agency estimates that, that year, distracted driving also resulted in 421,000 individuals suffering injuries.

Nearly 70 percent of motorists in America rate people who use their phones while driving to be the most annoying drivers on the road. And yet, around 55 percent of drivers admit to talking, texting or sending email while driving, according to the 2014 Road Rage Report compiled by Expedia. And those are just the ones who readily admit to it. The real number, in all likelihood, is higher.

What accounts for this disconnect? Many drivers—and this extends into other areas of life—feel that everyone else is causing the problem. They feel that their own innocent little text is harmless, but when they observe others doing it, their blood boils.

So, with all this bad news on the distracted driving front, why is the practice of texting while driving still legal in some states? Mississippi, Montana, South Carolina, Missouri, Arizona, Texas and this fair state of Oklahoma have yet to outlaw the dangerous act. One wonders if it’s just a matter of time before the aforementioned states fall into line with the rest of the country and make the practice illegal.

Time will tell, but in the meantime, if you lose a loved one to the negligence of a texting driver, it’s vital to know that you have rights. An Oklahoma attorney with experience regarding fatal car accidents may be able to help you receive due compensation for medical expenses, funeral costs and the pain and suffering of losing someone close to you.

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