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State Hwy 39 near 156th Ave is closed due to an accident injury in McClain County

State Highway 39 in McClain County will be closed near 156 Ave because of an injury crash.

The Oklahoma Highway Patrol released a post on their social media site warning drivers to avoid a certain part of U.S. Hwy 39. Not many details were given in the post, but we know at least one person was injured in the crash. That person was treated by EMTs at the scene before being transported to a local hospital. Also, at least two cars were involved in the collision.

As of now, no official cause has been given for the crash, but it is likely due to distracted driving. The condition of both drivers was not stated in the report but alcohol was most likely not a factor in this collision. Neither of the involved parties was cited for the collision but that is subject to change. The scope of the crash was not told to press, but we know it was big enough to stop both east and westbound traffic near 156th Ave SE. OHP officials have not said when the road will be open again.

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