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Stolen BMW Crash in Oklahoma Left a Family in Distress

Posted on March 9, 2018

Yesterday, a stolen BMW crash in Oklahoma left a family in distress. Here’s what the news has gathered of the story:

In Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, a man drove a stolen BMW into a home when he was on his way back from a burglary. Around 9:00 in the morning, the man driving the BMW was burglarizing a different home until the police were called by somebody who watched it take place. The suspects were both a man and a woman. When the police spotted the BMW, they gave the license plate numbers to a 911 operator, who was able to confirm that the vehicle was stolen property.

When the police pursued the BMW, they fled away and began on a chase that lasted a mile and a half before the driver lost control and drove it straight into the home. Though the house was damaged, nobody inside was injured but they were shaken up by the incident. The homeowner, in fact, spoke to news about how there is always a fear of this in the neighborhood because of how fast people tend to drive. Both drivers of the vehicle were promptly taken to the hospital with injuries.

Injuries Stemming From an Accident With a Stolen Vehicle 

The problem with accidents involving stolen vehicles is that many of the people who have stolen a vehicle will not stay at the scene, but instead attempt to flee. This means that, if you have been injured, you could end up with a hit and run case and very few options when it comes to recovery. Luckily, in the stolen BMW crash, nobody was left severely injured aside from the emotional trauma of an accident inside a home, but it could have ended up with devastating results nobody expected.

Who is liable for an accident when a stolen vehicle is involved? The law states that the owner of the stolen vehicle would not be liable because the vehicle was taken without their consent, so liability does not apply to them. The person who stole and operated the vehicle, then, will owe you compensation for your injuries in your time of need. You may be able to collect many different damages in these cases, including medical treatment for your extensive injuries, especially if it came from a high-speed chase and emotional trauma. Luckily, you are not on your own when it comes to your accident because we care about the outcome of your case at the McGuire Law Firm. Call us as soon as possible to get started on your case at 888-352-0624.


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