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Ten Ways to Avoid an Auto Accident

An auto accident is a traumatic event. Once you have been in an accident, you may well require the services of an Oklahoma City auto accident attorney. It is preferable, though, to avoid getting in the accident in the first place. However, is it possible to prevent such accidents?

Accident prevention in ten easy steps

Automobile accidents are the leading cause of death for Americans between the ages of five and 34. Sadly, many of these accidents are preventable. Here are 10 simple strategies from a knowledgeable Oklahoma City auto accident attorney that can help prevent you from getting hurt and winding up in court.

Safety first. Ensure when you purchase a car that you invest in a vehicle with the latest safety features, such as side-curtain airbags and anti-lock brakes.
Take care of your car. Maintain your vehicle regularly. Buy new tires when necessary and replace any worn parts. A car with worn brake pads or bald tires is an accident waiting to happen, and puts everyone on the road at risk.
Check your tire pressure. Even brand-new tires can cause accidents when the pressure is too low, which leads to flat tires, affecting your steering and braking ability. Check tire pressure on a regular basis.
Keep an eye out for danger. Visibility is essential when driving. Keep your windshield clean and make sure the reservoir of windshield washer fluid is full. Drive defensively and make sure to keep an eye out for anyone driving in an unsafe manner.
Never drink and drive. Alcohol is involved in one in every three auto fatalities. Do not drink and drive under any circumstances.
Stay calm on the road. Road rage can be deadly. Avoid driving when angry or agitated, and avoid anyone who is driving in a hostile manner.
Do not text and drive. Texting and driving is just as dangerous as drinking and driving, and is likewise illegal in most states.
Eat your breakfast at home. Enjoying that coffee and doughnut in the car on the way to work is a bad idea. Distracted drivers cause accidents ¾ and there is nothing more distracting than hot coffee spilled down your leg.
Drive with care. In fact, drive as if you were taking your road test. Check your blind spots as well as your mirrors. Keep both hands on the wheel. Never tailgate.
Obey the law. Obey posted speed limits, especially in difficult driving conditions. Resist the temptation to pass on the right. Pay attention to road signs and traffic lights.

Contact a highly qualified and effective personal injury lawyer in Oklahoma City

Sometimes an accident is unavoidable. For a personal injury lawyer who knows the law and is not afraid to stand up for his clients when they are hurt through the reckless or careless actions of another driver, contact the Kent McGuire Law Firm. There is no up-front fee to talk to the attorneys at Kent McGuire about your Oklahoma City auto accident.

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