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The dangerous effects of drunk driving

Accidents can happen in an instant, and there are an innumerable number of factors that can contribute to them. Sometimes different drivers can react differently to circumstances, and what one driver may have been able to manage and avoid a fatal accident, the other driver could not, perhaps due to slower reflexes or even driving a vehicle with a smaller turning radius. But amongst all of these different circumstances, there is one factor that is ubiquitously agreed to significantly increase the risk of accident no matter what: intoxication.

Study after study has documented the effects that alcohol and drugs have on driving, including slower reaction times, blurred vision, poor decision making and more. All of these effects combine to impair the necessary functions for driving, leading to a much higher risk of accident. Because of this, if drunk driving does cause an accident, the intoxicated driver will always suffer some kind of penalty, and there is a strong chance that the accident will be fatal.

A tragic fatal accident occurred recently in Oklahoma, which ended with one person facing multiple different charges, including one DUI related charge. The accident happened on highway 75, where a motorcycle and a Honda Civic met head on. Two occupants on the motorcycle died at the scene, as well as a passenger in the civic. Two other individuals were hospitalized with injury, one of whom is now facing the aforementioned charges.

It is a frightening thought to consider, but you can never truly know the sobriety level of other drivers on the road. At any time you could be sharing the road with an intoxicated driver, and you may only find out after it is too late. If you have lost a loved one to a fatal motor vehicle accident, especially an accident in which another driver was intoxicated, consider meeting with an attorney. You could be compensated for your loss.

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