Fatal Accident OKC
Fatal Accident OKC
Aug 20 2017 0

Three children sustain injuries in bus crash

Three students were injured in a school bus crash in Pryor, OK according to a report by the  Oklahoma Highway Patrol.

The report says the students were injured when the bus veered off the road and hit a tree. The bus was carrying around 20 students,   luckily only a few were injured and there were no deaths.

No other details about the name or age of the injured students have been released by police. However we did get an update on their condition. Two of the injured children were released from the hospital quickly. The last child sustained a head injury, and to be careful he was kept a little while longer.

Oklahoma Police say the reason the bus driver veered off the road was because of negligence or a distraction from inside the vehicle.

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Fatal Accident OKC