Oct 25 2017 0

Three dead, three wounded after three-car crash in Blaine County

The OHP released a report about a crash that killed three people.

According to the report, three vehicles were involved in the crash that took place in Blaine County. The report says a northbound car tried to pass a semi but collided head-on with another vehicle. Those two vehicles then crashed into an 18-wheeler that was nearby. As a result of the crash, three people in the car were killed and two other passengers were hospitalized. The driver of the semi and other vehicle were relatively okay after the crash.

Troopers with the OHP are conducting an investigation into the crash and have not released an official cause of the crash, It’s believed that inattention or recklessness were major causes of the crash. Alcohol was not mentioned in the initial report, so it was likely ruled out by police. At this time, neither of the drivers involved will face punishment for the crash. As of now, the OHP says this was just a tragic accident.

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