Aug 16 2017 0

83-year-old Harold Martin dead after crash on Chickasaw Turnpike

A report released by the Oklahoma Highway Patrol says 83-year-old Harold Martin was killed in a crash on Chickasaw Turnpike.

According to the report, the crash occurred at 6:20 p.m. on the Chickasaw Turnpike. Harold Martin was fatally injured in the accident. The report says Martin was going eastbound on the turnpike when he failed to yield to oncoming traffic. Martin’s vehicle drove into the path of an 18-wheeler that was headed southbound on State Highway 1.

Harold Martin was killed in the crash and the passenger Donna J. Martin had to be flown to OU medical center because of serious injuries. The driver of the other car was a man named Ricky Brouillette of Alexandria, Louisiana who operated the truck was taken to Ada hospital and treated for his injured arm. According to patrol reports, all involved parties wore seat belts.

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