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Three Injured Following High Speed Chase

high speed chaseThree people are receiving treatment for injuries stemming from a high speed chase Sunday.   The chase occurred in Osage County, Oklahoma at approximately 2:30 am.  Osage County Sheriff’s deputies began the chase approximately 2 miles west of Skiatook.  That’s when authorities say Kristen Cumming, 18, of Skiatook attempted to flee from the police.  In addition to Cumming, there were also two passengers in her vehicle under the age of 18.  The crash occurred when Cumming, who was operating a 2012 Ford Focus, began traveling at a “high rate of speed.”  As she began rounding a curve on Old Rogers Boulevard, Cumming’s vehicle spun out of control.  The vehicle collided with a road sign and a large boulder before rolling over completely and landing back on its wheels.  Oklahoma Highway Patrol Troopers say the vehicle caught fire following the crash.

The two passengers in Cumming’s vehicle had minor injuries and have been released from the hospital following treatment.  However, Cumming is in the hospital with what troopers call “whole body injuries.”  She is currently in critical condition.  The crash investigation remains ongoing.

High Speed Chase

A high speed chase is dangerous for both the participants and other motorists using the roadway.  In these situations, police must make strategic decisions regarding whether to pursue a fleeing suspect.  If traffic is too heavy or the chase takes place in a residential area, police can decide not to continue their pursuit.  Unfortunately, high speed police chases sometimes result in accidents and injuries.  In cases where innocent motorists are hurt, the question then becomes, “who is  responsible for the injuries?”

The answer depends on the specific facts surrounding the case.  Ultimately, the fleeing driver causes the chase to begin.  Law enforcement, however, may also contribute to the danger of the situation if they choose to continue an unreasonably dangerous pursuit which results in an accident.  If you find yourself in this situation, it is important to immediately retain an experienced attorney.

If you or a loved one are recovering from injuries in an Oklahoma car accident, please contact us for a consultation regarding your case.

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