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Three people injured after a car crashed into a daycare in NW OKC

Oklahoma City Fire Department released a report about a car that crashed into a building early Thursday.

According to the report, a vehicle was traveling along NW 23rd in the northwestern part of Oklahoma City. While the car was on the 6300 block of NW23rd, it is believed the driver lost control of his vehicle and left the road. Once off the road, the driver didn’t correct themselves and they slammed into a nearby daycare. As of now, police did not say how fast the vehicle was going, but it was enough to break through.

Firefighters were first at the scene where they blocked off traffic and began clearing the wreckage. Paramedics also arrived at the scene and they reported at least three people were injured. The condition of the driver was not mentioned but he is likely okay. Authorities did not say who was hurt, but it is suspected that at least one of the kids inside the day car was injured. Police also did not state the severity of the injuries.

A full investigation is being conducted by Oklahoma City Police who were at the scene as well. Officers likely gathered statements and talked to the driver about what happened, Unfortunately, while the investigation is pending, police are keeping that information close. As the investigation progresses and evidence is confirmed, we will provide updates to the story.

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