Aug 29 2017 0

Three people injured after minivan and pickup truck collide on Highway 11

Authorities were called to the scene of a two car collision on Tisdale Expressway. When they arrived on the scene, they did their best to stabilize an 8-year-old child.

Police say the accident occurred near 36th street near an intersection on Highway 11. The driver of the minivan pulled to the intersection and attempted to make a left turn while other lanes had the right of way.

This led to the minivan with the child inside to pull in front of a pickup truck. The two cars met in the intersection which caused the 8-year-old to be thrown from the vehicle. Two other people involved in the accident sustained injuires as well. As of now, police have not released the name of the other victims.

Authorities are also looking into the condition of the drivers at the time of the accident. So far, police don’t believe drugs or alcohol was involved. They are also looking into why the driver of the minivan failed to yield to traffic.

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