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Apr 29 2018 0

Three Vehicle, Rear-End Collision Kills Motorcyclist

rear-end collisionA motorcyclist died in a three vehicle, rear-end collision in Pittsburg County, Oklahoma on Saturday.  The accident occurred just after 5 pm on State Highway 9, near Bower Road.  The motorcyclist was traveling eastbound on Highway 9 behind a Chevrolet Tahoe.  The Tahoe was at a stop, waiting to make a left turn.  The motorcyclist did not stop in time and collided with the back of the Tahoe.  The force of the resulting collision propelled the motorcycle into the westbound lane.  Once in the westbound lane, the motorcycle struck another vehicle, a Dodge pickup truck.  The motorcyclist died at the scene from injuries suffered in the crash.  Oklahoma Highway Patrol is investigating the accident.  However, officers gave no immediate indication regarding the cause of the accident. No other drivers or passengers sustained any injuries.

Rear-End Collision

In Oklahoma, it is common to see an accident occur when one vehicle collides into the back of another vehicle.  Many times, the vehicle is motionless in heavy traffic or is waiting to make a turn onto an adjacent road.  There are many reasons why read-end collisions occur.  Some reasons include excessive speed, failure to pay proper attention such as texting while driving, and weather conditions causing a loss of vehicle control.

In any read-end collision, it is important to establish the sequence of events leading to the collision as well as the cause of the collision.  Typically, the driver who caused the crash is the one at fault.  However, this is not always the case.  Sometimes, the vehicle in front is stopped improperly in the roadway or they may be engaged in an illegal driving maneuver.  In these cases, responsibility can shift to the other driver.

If you have been in involved in an Oklahoma car accident involving a rear-end collision, you should contact an attorney to determine your rights.  If you were injured, you may be entitled to recover for your lost wages, pain and suffering and medical expenses.  Please contact us today for a case evaluation.

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