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Three Vehicle Crash In Sapulpa, Oklahoma

Oklahoma Semi Truck AccidentsA three vehicle crash involving a semi and two passenger cars occurred Tuesday in Sapulpa, Oklahoma.  The crash happened on New Sapulpa Road.  Authorities say the trouble began when a semi truck loaded with eggs was traveling south on New Sapulpa Road.  At that time, a Kia was traveling in front of the semi.  The Kia attempted to make a left turn into a local business when it was struck behind by the semi.   The impact of the collision forced the Kia into the northbound travel lanes where it struck an oncoming Honda CR-V.  The semi truck then ran off the road and rolled over onto its side, spilling the eggs onto the roadway.  The semi also collided with a power pole, knocking out power to several nearby businesses.

Three people suffered injuries in the crash and were transported to nearby hospitals.  The CR-V driver has a broken leg.  There is no word at this time on the extent of other injuries.   The cause of the crash remains under investigation.

Oklahoma Semi Truck Accidents

Oklahoma semi truck accidents can be, and often are, serious and even deadly.  The sheer power of a semi truck compared to a passenger vehicle is enough to make any accident turn deadly.  Semi drivers must take special care and properly follow all traffic laws while ensuring that they are observant of the roadway at all times.  When a semi truck driver fails to take the proper care to ensure the safety of others and an accident occurs, the semi truck driver may be legally liable for any injuries sustained in the accident.  In this case, the semi truck driver could be held responsible for failure to properly stop or yield to a turning vehicle.

Cases involving semi trucks are complex and require the services of an experienced attorney.  Attorney Kent McGuire has handled Oklahoma truck accident cases for nearly three decades.  He knows how to get results if you have suffered injuries due to the negligence of a truck driver.  Please call us today at 888-352-0624 to discuss your case.

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