Sep 18 2016 0

Truck accidents: Out-of-control pickup driver suspected of DUI

Drinking and driving is said to have led to a single-vehicle crash near Meeker over the Labor Day weekend that sent several people to hospitals. Pickup truck accidents are but some of the crashes to which emergency workers attend. According to the Oklahoma Highway Patrol, an accident occurred late on a recent Sunday night on a county roadway in Lincoln County. A 26-year-old Meeker resident drove the pickup truck.

A preliminary accident report indicates that the man was westbound when he lost control of the truck. After leaving the roadway, the vehicle rolled over more than once before it came to halt on its roof. The driver and two female passengers — both 18 years old — were transported to a medical facility in Shawnee by ambulance. Their injuries varied from arm, leg and neck injuries to internal and external trunk injuries.

One 26-year-old male passenger was hurt more severely, and he was airlifted to Oklahoma City for treatment of internal injuries at the OU Medical Center. A 17-year-old passenger, the only occupant of the vehicle who was strapped into his seat belt, refused medical treatment. Troopers reported the cause of the crash to be the driver being under the influence of alcohol.

Victims of car or pickup truck accidents may be entitled to pursue recovery of medical expenses and other damages. The two injured women and the man who were hospitalized after this crash may file personal injury claims in an Oklahoma civil court against the alleged drunk driver who is deemed responsible for their injuries. In order to have documented claims for damages adjudicated for the entry of monetary judgments, negligence will first have to be established before the court.

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