Sep 1 2017 0

Tulsa County crash hospitalizes one man and closes entire highway lane

One person was injured and the entire west off ramp of U.S. 75 was closed due to a bad car crash.

A report by Oklahoma State Troopers says a vehicle that was improperly left on the road caused an accident. Police have not identified who the vehicle belongs to, but they say the crash was unavoidable.

On the westbound off ramp of Highway 75 an unknown person had to leave their car on the side of the road. This would have been fine, but the car was left partially blocking the road. This combined with the darkness at the time, led to the unidentified truck driver striking the vehicle.

Becasue the road is so narrow, it took cleanup crews a while to reopen the road. Luckily, the driver was wearing a seat belt so his injuries were non life-threatening. However, he was still taken to a local hospital to be looked at further.

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