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Jun 26 2018 0

Tulsa, OK – Fatal Crash Kills Man On Interstate 44

Driver Crashes Into Parked Vehicle 

Tulsa, OK, June 23, 2018 – On Saturday morning around 3:00 am, two cars crashed on Interstate 44 in Catoosa. The Oklahoma Highway Patrol state that the 20-year-old driver, Julio Rodriguez, was driving westbound near 145th Ave when he struck a parked 2005 Chevy Cobalt. Rodriguez’s  2006 Toyota Scion hit the vehicle on the inside shoulder of the roadway. One of the passengers, 28-year-old Raul Gonzalez of Texas, was taken to Tulsa hospital due to catastrophic injuries but was not revived. According to the OHP, another passenger was also in the car and suffered minor injuries. The driver, Rodriguez, did not suffer any injuries. The OHP confirmed that all passengers were wearing seat belts.

The police arrested and charged Rodriguez for the homicide of Gonzalez. He was also charged for driving under the influence  and traffic complaints. He was transported to Rogers County Jail.

Wrongful Death Lawyer

There are thousands of accidents caused by negligent driving, which affect not only the passengers, but their loved ones, too. Wrongful deaths can occur from negligent driving as well. In this case, the families of both passengers can file a lawsuit against the driver for the economic and non-economic damages. Economic damages would be the cost for medical treatment and funeral expenses. Non-economic damages would be the mental and emotional anguish derived from the accident.

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