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Tulsa, OK: Semi-Truck Overturns on the Broken Arrow Expressway

Tulsa, Oklahoma (January 5, 2018): Portions of the Broken Arrow Expressway were shut down for more than six hours after serious semi-truck rollover wreck early Tuesday afternoon, December 26, 2017. The Oklahoma Highway Patrol was dispatched to the scene to investigate the accident and assist with the clean-up.

The semi-truck was carrying sodium hydroxide, known more colloquially as lye, a hazardous material that seeped onto the highway as a result of the crash. According to some reports, the driver of the semi-truck, who has not been identified, was traveling at excessive speeds when a shift in the load caused the vehicle to overturn. Crews spent more than six hours cleaning the spill with absorbent materials. The semi-truck driver was reportedly uninjured in the collision.

The McGuire Law Firm is relieved that no injuries were reported in relation to this dangerous collision, but it is important to remember that injuries from a crash can arise belatedly and those affected should continue to monitor their health in the weeks and months that follow. Even where motor vehicle accidents don’t result in injuries, the burdens imposed in the aftermath can be substantial.

If you or your loved ones were injured in a motor vehicle crash, you may be able to obtain relief under the laws of Oklahoma. The lawyers at the McGuire Law Firm are dedicated to the pursuit of justice for victims of wrongdoing and we may be able to help you. Call 800-648-5198 to speak with one of our experienced motor vehicle crash attorneys about your case today.

Rollover on the Broken Arrow Expressway
Rollover on the Broken Arrow Expressway
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