Deadly Car Wreck in Tulsa
Deadly Car Wreck in Tulsa
Nov 27 2018 0

Tulsa, OK – Two Suffer in Deadly Car Wreck on Interstate 244

Police Investigate Deadly Car Wreck

Tulsa, OK (November 27, 2018) On November 26th, a deadly car wreck took place on Interstate 244. The Oklahoma Highway Patrol reported that both 38-year-old Jacob Clovis and 30-year-old Ricky Shrum died at the scene.

Emergency crews arrived to assist the two men in this car crash, but they unfortunately passed away at the scene. Official reports state that Clovis had been wearing a seatbelt at the time of the accident but that Shrum was not.

The police are currently investigating the accident to determine what led to the crash and who may be liable for the accident and the subsequent fatalities. As of posting, the investigation is ongoing and no further information has been revealed.

Losing anyone in a vehicle accident is a tragic affair. The loss of these two lives is devastating to everyone in the community but especially the friends and families of those who passed away.

Vehicle Accidents in Oklahoma

Deadly Car Wreck in Tulsa

Vehicle accidents almost always end tragically because both drivers and passengers are at risk of being critically injured or killed. The police are working to discover if negligence played a role in this collision. It’s possible that one of the drivers could have been driving while distracted or inebriated. Similarly, mechanical errors or poor road conditions could have played . No matter the cause, the loss of both Shrum and Clovis is a devastating tragedy. Should the families determine it’s in their best interest, they may be able to file a  wrongful death lawsuit to assist with the cost of this terrible event.

At McGuire Law Firm, it’s our top priority to fight for our clients until they receive the maximum compensation they may be entitled to for any medical expenses, vehicle damages, funeral costs, loss of wages, and more. We understand how important our clients’ cases are to them, which is why their cases are so important to us. If you, or someone you know, lost a loved one in a vehicle accident, call (405) 513-5658.

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Deadly Car Wreck in Tulsa