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Apr 13 2018 0

Tulsa Police Target Speeding Drivers

speeding driversThe Tulsa Police Department is cracking down on speeding drivers.   The Department announced this week that they are making a concerted effort to enforce speed limits on Oklahoma highways.  In one day alone, police report issuing more than 150 citations.  One Tulsa Police Officer states that he caught a motorcyclist traveling 129 mph down the Broken Arrow Expressway.

Police say that an increase in construction is partially to blame for speeding drivers.  As drivers are forced to slow down while driving through construction zones, they become frustrated or are late to work.  Therefore, they are more likely to speed after emerging from a forced slow down.  The campaign is an effort to reduce fatalities caused by speeding and reckless driving.  Last year alone, Tulsa saw 47 fatal crashes.  Speed contributed as a factor in many of those crashes.

Oklahoma Car Accident Attorney

The initiatives taken by the Tulsa Police Department represent an admirable effort to make Oklahoma streets and highways a safer place.  Unfortunately, our firm sees the tragic results that can be caused by unsafe driving on a daily basis.  Speeding, reckless driving, distracted driving and impaired driving are just some of the things leading to injury accidents in our state.   We applaud law enforcement officers committed to doing their job to make our state a safer place to live and work.

No one wants to think about suffering injuries in a car accident.  A car accident may involve missed work, physical and emotional pain, mounting medical bills, uncertain insurance coverage and possibly permanent injuries. If you find yourself in this situation, you might think that your future is uncertain or hopeless.  At the McGuire Law Firm, we want to help walk you through the hard times in your life.  We have years of experience dealing with all aspects of an Oklahoma car accident case.  Call us today for a free consultation.

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