Oct 25 2017 0

Two critically injured after Embark bus and car collide in OKC

Oklahoma City Police released a report about a two-vehicle crash that left two people critically injured.

According to the report, and EMBARK bus was one of the vehicles involved in the crash. The collision took place near the intersection of NE 23rd and N Sooner. At this time, it’s unclear what led up to the crash or who was at fault. However, we do know, that five people were injured as a result of the crash. Out of those five, two were in critical condition. One of the parties involved called the police and emergency personnel arrived within minutes.

Investigators at the scene did not give an official cause of the crash. The cameras on the bus will likely be looked at to see what knowledge can be gained. Paramedics provided treatment to all five people who were injured. After initial treatment at the scene, the two in critical condition were taken to the hospital. There has been no word on the condition of those injured.

At this time, neither driver will face punishment for the crash. This will likely change as footage is reviewed and evidence is processed.

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