Oct 26 2017 0

Two injured after crash on I-44 in OKC

The Oklahoma Highway Patrol released a report about an injury crash on I-44.

the report stated that two vehicles crashed after one driver lost control. After losing control of the vehicle, the car drifted from its lane and struck another vehicle. The crash caused the northbound lanes of I-44 to be closed for a short time. After about an hour, the road was only partially blocked and drivers were able to travel. Two people were injured in the crash and both were taken to the hospital.

The OHP is in charge of the investigation, but they have not provided an official cause of the crash. Road condition and impairment were both ruled out at the scene by officers. Neither of the drivers was punished for the crash and it will likely stay this way. Troopers say no criminal negligence was present in the crash. At this time, it’s unknown if either of the drivers will file an injury claim. We will keep you updated as the story develops.

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