Aug 28 2017 0

Two people in critical condition after three car wreck near Ramona

The Oklahoma Highway Patrol has released a report containing details about a three car collision on Highway 75 near Ramona.

So far, investigators know that the crash occurred on the southbound lanes around 6 a.m, on Tuesday. Authorities say one driver failed to stop and he crashed into the back of another vehicle. As if this wasn’t enough, a third vehicle rammed the first two cars for an unknown reason.

As a result of the crash, two unidentified people sustained major injuries. One was transported to Bartlesville Hosptial by ambulance. The other, in far worse condition was transported to a hospital in Tulsa by helicopter.

Both of the injured parties are expected to recover, but the severity of the injuries have not been released. The condition of the drivers are also being investigated to determine the exact cause of the crash. As of now, no arrests have been made and charges have not been pressed.

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