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A two-vehicle accident at Sheridan Rd on I-44 caused minor injuries

The eastbound lanes of I-44 at Sheridan Rd are open after a two vehicle collision.

The Oklahoma Highway Patrol released a post about a two-car collision on Sheridan Rd that left two people with minor injuries. According to the report, both vehicles were traveling east on I-44 prior to the collision. Investigators believe one of the drivers became distracted which caused the crash. Both drivers were conscious after the crash and called 911 for help.

Emergency crews responded to the call shortly after to diagnose the situation. Officers arrived first and they blocked off the scene and began taking statements. While officers conducted their investigation, cleanup crews removed the wreckage from the road. Also, EMTs checked all involved parties for injuries. Luckily, only a few minor injuries were sustained and only one person had to be taken to the hospital.

As the investigation is pending, authorities have not released the names of the involved parties. They also have not released an official cause of the crash, but this is likely to change. Neither driver was cited or arrested for the accident but police advised them not to leave the county. We will update the story as information surfaces.

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Tulsa County: I44 EB at Sheridan Rd, two vehicle minor injury collision, roadway is clear. MD

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