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May 15 2018 0

Unborn Child Killed In Crash With Police Vehicle

Car Crash lawyerA woman in Mayes County, Oklahoma is mourning the loss of her unborn child after a crash with a police vehicle. Officers with the Oklahoma Highway Patrol report that Mayes County Sheriff’s Deputy Brittney Burnett was responding to a call last week on State Highway 82.  As Burnett was turning southbound on Highway 82, her vehicle hit a second vehicle.  The driver of the second vehicle is 34 year old Crystal Compher.  Compher  did not suffer injuries. Unfortunately, 18 year old Kaylee Thurlo, who was a passenger in Compher’s vehicle, was 6 months pregnant at the time of the collision.  Thurlo’s unborn child did not survive the accident.  At the time of the crash, Deputy Burnett was responding to a call for a burglary in progress.

A spokesperson within the Mayes County Sheriff’s Office referred all questions to the Oklahoma Highway Patrol.  The OHP declined to comment on the accident other than referring to its report.  The report contains the basis details of the crash but does not list a cause or fault for the collision.  The deputy is now on paid administrative leave pending an investigation into the matter.

Oklahoma Automobile Negligence

The determination of negligence in an Oklahoma car accident is important.  The degree of negligence determines how much an accident victim may receive for their injuries.  In cases involving law enforcement officers performing their job, the question of negligence becomes difficult.  Law enforcement may be afforded the benefit of the doubt if the wreck occurred during a pursuit of a wanted suspect.  This does not mean, however, that officers should not have to obey or respect traffic laws.  As more details regarding this wreck become available we will report them to you.

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