Sep 1 2017 0

Unknown white man killed in hit-and-run on South Delaware Ave

Tulsa police have yet to identify a white man who was hit by a car in midtown.

Emergency personnel were called to the scene of a fatal crash on 51st street and South Delaware Ave. When they arrived, they found a man on the ground who was unresponsive. EMTs did the best they could to stabilize the man at the scene and then transported him to St. Francis hospital for treatment. The man fought for his life for a short time before passing from his wounds. The man did not have ID on him and police are trying to locate his family.

Police are also searching for the car that hit the man because they fled the scene. Police are asking anyone with information to come forward to help solve the matter. We will keep you posted as new developments are released.

Cases that involve unidentified victims are always tough. When family members finally identify their loved one the result is always emotional. We hope this man will be identified and we offer our condolences to his family.

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