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Unsafe Speed Causes Rollover Crash

unsafe speedTroopers are saying unsafe speed is responsible for an early Saturday collision in Achille, Oklahoma.  A man traveling on State Highway 78 attempted to negotiate a curve in the roadway.  While coming through the curve, the man suddenly lost control of his vehicle.  The vehicle then continued out of control, rolling over at least twice. Eventually, the vehicle came to rest.

The driver of the vehicle suffered injuries in the crash.  Paramedics tried to have the man airlifted from the scene.  However, for unknown reasons he refused to be airlifted.  Instead, an ambulance transported him to  a nearby hospital.  There is no word on his condition.  The Oklahoma Highway Patrol continues to investigate the cause of the accident.

Unsafe Speed Accidents

Unsafe speed is a factor in many accidents occurring on Oklahoma roadways.  Of course, drivers speed for many reasons.  Sometimes, they are late to a destination.  Other times, they simply drive over the speed limit as a habit.  Still other times, weather conditions such as snow or rain can mean that driving the speed limit is “unsafe” given the conditions.

In this accident, the driver’s speed and roadway conditions are unknown.  The Oklahoma Highway Patrol will determine the exact cause of the crash.  Fortunately, this was only a one car accident and did not affect any other motorists.

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