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UTV Crash Results In Manslaughter Charges

vehicle accidentsA man in Atoka, Oklahoma is charged with manslaughter following a UTV accident in July, 2017.  Police announced on Thursday that 27 year old David Mofield is now facing a first degree manslaughter charge stemming from the accident.   In July, 2017 Mofield drove a UTV with two passengers on a county road near Caney, Oklahoma.   Mofield lost control of the UTV and crashed.  The crash killed 25 year old Kimberlie Beckworth.

Initially, police elected not to charge Mofield with a crime.  After several months of investigation, authorities determined that the vehicle had no mechanical defects.  Following an accident reconstruction, police determined that Mofield caused the accident by traveling at an unsafe on the roadway.  Further, authorities were clear that the UTV is an off-road vehicle and not designed for highway travel.  Officers ruled out both weather and road conditions as causes of the accident.  The combination of all factors caused police to determine that Mofield ultimately caused the accident.

Vehicle Accidents

Vehicle accidents come in all shapes and sizes.  In this case, the accident occurred in a type of vehicle that should not have even been on the road.  The driver was negligent by the mere fact of driving an off road vehicle on a public street.   Additionally, it appears that speed was a contributing factor in this accident.

This case is tragic for all involved.  David Mofield undoubtedly feels remorseful for allegedly causing an accident that killed his passenger.  Kimberlie Beckworth’s family has to cope with the tragic loss of a young woman with a promising future.  Our thoughts go out to the families of all involved in this terrible event.

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