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Jul 11 2018 0

Wagoner, OK – Collision on U.S. Highway 69

Collision Causes Severe Injuries

Wagoner, OK (July 6, 2018) On Friday afternoon, two women collided on the U.S. Highway 69. A woman named Samantha Otterbine, who drove a Nissan, headed westbound on the turnpike when a woman named Cynthia Rittenberry, who headed northbound, struck Otterbine’s car. The accident was so severe that Otterbine was trapped inside of her car for 15 minutes until Tullahassee Volunteer Fire Department freed her using the Jaws of Life method. The Muskogee ambulance transported her to St. John’s Hospital in Tulsa for neck, head, and trunk internal injuries.

Car Accident

Car accidents are so frequent and unpredictable; therefore, it’s impossible to be completely prepared for one. Car accidents affect thousands of lives per year, causing severe injuries, fatal injuries, and/or property damage. The most common cause for car accidents is negligent driving, which entails utilizing a cell phone, speeding, driving under the influence, paying attention to something other than the road, and falling asleep at the wheel. Negligence frequently results to drivers receiving a personal injury. Because Otterbine is suffering multiple injuries, it’s possible a personal injury lawsuit will be filed.

At McGuire Law Firm, we understand how detrimental car accidents can be on our clients and their loved ones, which is why we prioritize our clients’ cases. We believe our clients deserve to be compensated for their personal injuries, especially if they obtained them from another person’s negligent driving. If you, or someone you know, has been involved in an accident, call 888-352-0624.

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