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What to know about car accidents

Nobody wants to get in to a car accident, which is why most of us practice safe driving techniques and expect never to be in an accident. Unfortunately, statistics prove that accidents do happen, and in many cases they happen to safe, defensive drivers. It only takes one negligent driver to cross the middle line and collide with a good driver on the other side of the road. The word negligence is important, as it can be used to determine fault in an accident.

Generally speaking, the law considers drivers who are not exercising reasonable care as negligent. This means that drivers who were impaired or not paying attention could be responsible for any damages caused in an accident in which they are involved. Other forms of negligence include disobeying traffic signs, disregarding weather conditions or failing to obey the speed limit.

Perhaps one of the most avoidable types of accident comes in the form of drunk driving. Statistics indicate that a United States citizen dies every 51 minutes due to an alcohol-related crash. Being impaired by alcohol will make your reaction speed slower and degrade your decision-making skills, which is a surefire way to cause an accident. Additionally, even if you can hold your liquor and you were not at fault in the accident, being over the legal BAC may still cause you to suffer legal consequences following an accident. For more car accident basics, click here.

An important part of a motor vehicle accident is handling the matter legally after it has happened. Consulting with an attorney who is familiar with the laws of your state can help you evaluate your claim and perhaps be compensated for your injuries. This will help you pay the medical bills and damages to your car following an accident. Oklahoma residents are encouraged to seek legal guidance if they are involved in a car accident.

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