Oct 12 2017 0

William Caldwell injured after four-vehicle crash in Mayes County

Mayes County Sheriffs released a report about a four-car collision on State Highway 82 that left 65-year-old William Caldwell pinned.

The report stated a Dodge Dart, Toyota Rav 4, and Nissan Titan were traveling southbound on State Hwy 82 prior to the crash. The Nissan was leading the trio of cars when they came to a stop sign. The Toyota adjusted to the speed of the Nissan and stopped at a comfortable distance. The driver of the Dodge Dart failed to compensate for his speed and stopping distance and struck the rear of the Toyota. In turn, this caused the Toyota slam into the Nissan and push it into oncoming traffic.

While that was occurring, William Caldwell was in his Honda Accord driving north on S.H. 82. As Caldwell was passing the stop sign, the propelled Nissan entered the path of Caldwell’s Accord. Caldwell swerved to avoid a collision and was successful, however, when he tried to correct his vehicle there was a problem. The Honda Accord containing William Caldwell flipped at least twice before landing upside down in the middle of the road.

Reports say Caldwell was pinned for roughly 19 minutes before the Locust Grove Fire Department extracted him. EMTs then treated him at the scene and after stabilizing him, he was air-lifted to St. John’s Hospital with major head injuries. At this time, there have been no updates on the condition of Caldwell or the punishment of the involved drivers. Stay tuned and we will keep you posted as updates develop.



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