Motorcycle Injury Crash in Tulsa
Motorcycle Injury Crash in Tulsa
Aug 20 2017 0

Yudelsy Vasquez and Dalia Rodriguez died in crash on Oklahoma Panhandle

Two Texas natives were killed on Highway 54 according to a report by the Oklahoma Highway Patrol.

The two victims were identified as Yudelsy  Vazquez and Dalia Rodriguez. Both women were pronounced dead at the scene on Monday.

Also there were two other people who were injured in the collision as well as a little girl. Further details about those victims have not been released.

The report says that Vasquez went to pass another vehicle when she lost control and swerved several times. The swerving is what most likely caused the vehicle to flip. The two front passengers were not wearing seat belts. As a result they were both thrown from the vehicle.

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Motorcycle Injury Crash in Tulsa