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Zachary Reed charged with manslaughter for crash that killed Dennis Byrd

Zachary Reed is charged with manslaughter for the fatal collision that killed Dennis Byrd.

The OHP reported that the crash took place between Oologah and Claremore. The report says Reed was driving in the wrong lane when his vehicle collided with Byrd’s. Police are unsure what caused Reed to veer into oncoming traffic and believe inattention played a part. The report did not release many details about the investigation like whether Reed tried to avoid the crash. We do know, that Reed over-corrected which led him to strike the vehicle. However, initially, he was allowed to leave the scene.

Emergency personnel arrived at the scene and they pronounced 50-year-old Dennis Byrd dead at the scene. Byrd was traveling with his 12-year-old son at the time of the crash who also sustained injuries. He was taken to a hospital where his severe injuries were treated. Reed was also injured in the crash and was taken to the hospital and shortly released.

After a year of investigating and deliberating, the Byrd family will finally receive justice. Zachary Reed was charged with manslaughter but, the length of his sentence was not told to the public. As of now, it is unclear if the Byrd Estate will file a lawsuit against Reed for the death and injuries of Dennis Byrd and his son. We will keep the story updated as new legal information is released.

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